Our Story

Humanities Institute,  a 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation was established in 2005 to promote education and research in the field of Humanities. Our research-oriented distant education graduate school is actively looking for gifted and committed researchers and graduate students. HI courses are taught by our Ph.D.-credentialed experts who work one-on-one with students.  

                                                  Comparative Studies of Civilizations 

Humanities Institute specializes in the comparative studies of the world civilizations of different areas and time periods. HI  investigates the historical, cultural, literary developments in different civilizations and uses the thematic approach extensively.                                            

                                                                     Our Mission

Our mission is to promote understanding and harmony among the peoples of different cultures of the world, through scholarly study and research into the Literature and Humanities of world cultures.  HI aims to provide high-quality humanities education free of charge.                                            

                                                                                  Our Vision

Our vision is to enable individuals who may not have the chance to study the humanities and to derive satisfaction from it in order to continue to research, communicate, and share ideas.
                                                                              Our Objective

Our objective is to train our students for higher-level thinking skills and develop the ability to be a self-directed learner and researcher in the field of comparative study of the world civilizations, the global achievement of human beings.