INTRODUCTION          SYLLABUS                          PROJECTS

STUDY GUIDES             Russian History               Russian Culture                    Russian Literature                           

LECTURES                         READINGS                        DISCUSSION

HISTORY                           (Ancient-Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th)       POL(Government-Military)      SOC(Class-Gender)       ECO(Innovation-Trade)     CUL(Rel-Phi-Sci-Art-Lit)
CULTURE                          (Ancient-Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th )      VERBAL(Lit-Lng-Script-Myth-Folklore)    VISUAL(Pnt-Sclp-Arch)      PERFORMING(Dnc-Mus-Thea-Cin)            
LITERATURE                                      (Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th)        GENRES (Poetry - Drama - Fiction - Autobiography -Essay )

LITERARY  ENCYCLOPEDIA (Authors-Works-Characters)
Gogol                                    OVERCOAT (Akakiyevich)              GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (Khleshtakov)
Turganev                             FATHER AND SONS (Arkady-Bazarov)          SMOKE (Litvinov)
Tolstoy                                 ANNA KARENINA (Anna-Vronsky-Oblonsky )        WAR AND PEACE (Pierre-Volkonsky)         GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAITS (Aksionov)
Dostoyevsky                    CRIME AND PUNISHMENT(Raskolnikov-Sonya )          BROTHERS KARAMAZOV(Grushenka-Ivan-Dmitri-Alyosha-Zossima) IDIOT (Myshkin)
                                                 THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND THE WEDDING (Mastakovitch)
Chekhov                             CHERRY ORCHARD (Lopakhin)               BET (Banker)             DARLING (Olenka)               SEAGULL (Trigorin)