The Humanities Research Center supports intellectual investigations and explorations of all facets of human creative endeavor. Currently, the Humanities Research Center is actively involved in research in the Humanities.  HRC emphasizes the comparative analysis of world civilizations in different regions and historical periods.

We believe that the study of the humanities possesses unique and remarkable powers to reveal underlying structures of knowledge. We are focused on the intersections of difference, and we seek to understand what constitutes the nature of our understanding of how people attempt to communicate essential human experiences. 

We particularly welcome proposals addressing:

a)   Interdisciplinary and comparative analysis in World Civilizations;

b)   Life History, Oral History, Life Writing applications in Humanities.

                                         GUIDELINES FOR RESEARCH ASSISTANCE

The Humanities Institute (HI) Board of Directors adopts the following procedure for selection of eligible researchers, for conditions of granting financial assistance, and for publication of research results:

1. The Board of Directors will seek interested and eligible researchers through universities, other scientific and educational institutions, or scholars recognized by the Board.

2. Request. To assist the Board in its decision to commit the necessary funds for anticipated research, the interested researcher will submit to the Board:

a)    a summary of the nature, scope, and objective of the proposed research;

b)    a summary of the research method that will be followed;

c)    a summary of the timeline (work plan) that will be followed. The duration of research normally should not exceed one year;

d)    assessment of expenditure for the research. The total cost of the research normally should not exceed the US $ 12,000;

e)    the name and CV of the research guidance counselor;

f)     the name and CV of the researcher;

g)    sample reference to the researcher’s own or other existing literature relevant to the project.

             No compensation may be paid for the preparation of this submission.

 3. Approval. The Board will evaluate the submission for assistance and communicate its decision to the researcher within 30 calendar days, including the duration and the amount of grant approved. The amount to be paid, if any, to the guidance counselor will be determined in the approval.

 4. Payment. The grant will be paid to the researcher in installments upon submission to the Board of quarterly progress reports countersigned by the guidance counselor. In the event of progress found by the Board to be unsatisfactory, payments may be delayed until due progress is made. In the event of failure to fulfill the terms of the grant, payment(s) will be discontinued, while repayment of past payment(s) will not be claimed. Final payment will be made upon submission of the research results in a double-spaced typed manuscript with the evaluation of it by the guidance counselor.

 5. Publication. The manuscript will be the non-exclusive property of the HI and the researcher both of whom will have the right to or not to publish it in part or in whole.

Send the completed application to the Humanities Institute at the following address: