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HISTORY                    (Ancient-Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th)       POL(Government-Military)      SOC(Class-Gender)       ECO(Innovation-Trade)     CUL(Rel-Phi-Sci-Art-Lit)
CULTURE                   (Ancient-Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th )      VERBAL(Lit-Lng-Script-Myth-Folklore)    VISUAL(Pnt-Sclp-Arch)       PERFORMING(Dnc-Mus-Thea-Cin)        
LITERATURE                                (Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th)       GENRES (Poetry - Drama - Fiction - Autobiography -Essay )
CIVILIZATION          Ancient (His-Cul)                Postclassical(His-Cul-Lit)                Early Modern(His-Cul-Lit)                 19th Century(His-Cul-Lit)                20th Century(His-Cul-Lit)

                                                                                                                      NORDIC LITERATURE

Andersen, Hans Christian(1805-1875)      ANDERSEN’S FAIRY TALES(1835)
Kierkegaard, Søren(1813-1855)         FEAR AND TREMBLING(1843)- SICKNESS UNTO DEATH, THE(1849)
Pontoppidan, Henrik(1857-1943)     PROMISED LAND, THE(1891-1895)
Nexø, Martin Andersen(1869-1954)       PELLE THE CONQUEROR(1906-1910)
Jensen, Johannes V.(1873-1950)       LONG JOURNEY, THE(1908-1922)
Dinesen, Isak(1885-1962)                      OUT OF AFRICA(1937)

Lönnrot, Elias(1802-1884)                     KALEVALA(1835)
Kivi, Aleksis (1834-1872)                        HEATH COBBLERS (1863) - SEVEN BROTHERS (1870)

Gunnarsson, Gunnar(1889-1975)    GUEST THE ONE-EYED(1912-1914)
Laxness, Halldór(1902-1998)              INDEPENDENT PEOPLE(1934-1935)

Snorri Sturluson(1179-1241)              HEIMSKRINGLA(1230-1235)
Ibsen, Henrik(1828-1906)                     PILLARS OF SOCIETY (1877)-PEER GYNT(1867)-DOLL’S HOUSE, A(1879)- GHOSTS(1881)-ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, AN(1882)-                                                                                                            BRAND(1885)- ROSMERSHOLM(1866)- WILD DUCK (1884)- LADY FROM THE SEA (1888)-HEDDA GABLER(1890)-
                                                                                MASTER BUILDER (1892)-JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN (1896)- WHEN WE DEAD AWAKEN(1899)
Bjørnson, Bjørnstjerne(1832-1910)    FISHER MAIDEN, THE(1868)
Lie, Jonas(1833-1908)                             FAMILY AT GILJE, THE(1883)
Hamsun, Knut(1859-1952)                  HUNGER(1890)- GROWTH OF THE SOIL(1917)
Rölvaag, O.E(1876-1931)                      GIANTS IN THE EARTH(1924-1925)- PEDER VICTORIOUS(1928)
Undset, Sigrid(1882-1949)                   KRISTIN LAVRANSDATTER(1920-1927)-IN THE WILDEMESS(1925-1927)- SNAKE PIT, THE(1925)

Swedenborg, Emanuel(1688-1772)  DIVINE LOVE AND WISDOM(1763)
Tegnér, Esaias(1782-1846)                   FRITHIOF’S SAGA(1825)
Lagerlof, Selma(1858-1940)                STORY OF GÖSTA BERLING, THE(1891)
Heidenstam, Verner von(1859-1940)      TREE OF THE FOLKUNGS, THE(1905-1907)
Lagerkvist, Pär(1891-1974)                BARABBAS(1950)
Ekelöf, Gunnar(1907-1968)                MÖLNA ELEGY, A(1960)
Strindberg, August(1849-1912)        FATHER, THE(1887)- MISS JULIE(1888)-DANCE OF DEATH, THE(1901)- GHOST SONATA, THE(1907)

                                                                                                                      NORDIC CINEMA

Dreyer, Carltheodor(1889-1968)     VAMPYR (1932)-ORDET(1955)-DAY OF WRATH(1943)- GERTRUD(1964)
Axel, Gabriel(1918-2014)                      BABETTE’S FEAST(1987)
Kjarulff-Schmidt, Palle(1931-2018)  PETER VON SCHOLTEN(1987)
Carlsen, Esben Høilund(1941-2011) STEPPING OUT(1981)
Saloman, Mikael(1945-    )                 FAR OFF PLACE, A(1993)
Kragh-Jacobsen, Soren(1947-    )   MIFUNE(1999)
August, Bille(1948-    )                         TWIST AND SHOUT(1984)- PELLE THE CONQUEROR(1987)- BEST INTENTIONS, THE(1992)- THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS(1993)-                                                                                                    JERUSALEM(1996)- SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW(1997)- LES MISERABLES(1998)-HARD RAIN(1998)- A SONG FOR MARTIN(2001)
Madsen, Kenneth(1953-    )              DAY IN OCTOBER, A(1991)
Trier, Lars Von(1956-    )                     ZENTROPA(1991)
Von Trier, Lars(1956-    )                      EUROPA(1991)- BREAKING THE WAVES(1996)- THE KINGDOM, PART 2(1997)- THE IDIOTS (1998)-DANCER IN THE DARK (2000)
Levring, Kristian(1957-    )                 THE KING IS ALIVE(2000)
Bornedal, Ole(1959-    )                       NIGHTWATCH(1994)
Scherfig, Lone(1959-    )                       ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS(2000)

Parikka, Pekka(1939-1997)            WINTER WAR (TALVISOTA) (1989)
Kaurismaki, Mika(1955-    )               ZOMBIE AND THE GHOST TRAIN(1991)
Pyhala, Jakko(1956-    )                        URSULA(1986)
Kaurismaki, Aki(1957-     )                   ARIEL(1988)- LA VIE DE BOHEME(1992)- THE MAN WITHOUT A PAST(2002)
Pohjola, Ilppo(1957-    )                        DADDY AND THE MUSCLE ACADEMY(1991)
Harlin, Renny(1959-    )                        BORN AMERICAN(1986)- PRISON(1987)- NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4(1988)- ADVENTURES OF  FORD FAIRLANE,THE(1990)-
                                                                            DIE HARD II(1990)- CLIFFHANGER(1993)- THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT(1996)- DEEP BLUE SEA(1999)- DRIVEN(2001)

Molander, Gustaf(1888-1973)      INTERMEZZO(1936)
Sjöberg, Alf(1903-1980)                  TORMENT(1944)-MISS JULIE(1951)
Sucksdorff, Arne(1917-2001)       GREAT ADVENTURE, THE(1953)
Bergman, Ingmar(1918-2007)      CRISIS(1046)-MUSIC IN DARKNESS(1948)-PORT OF CALL(1948)-THIRST(1949)-PRISON(1949)-TO JOY(1950)-
                                                                          SUMMER  INTERLUDE(1951)- SECRETS OF WOMEN(1952)-NAKED NIGHT(1953)-SUMMER WITH MONIKA(1953)-
                                                                          A LESSON IN LOVE(1954)-SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT(1955)-SEVENTH SEAL(1957)-WILD STRAWBERRIES(1957)-MAGICIAN(1958)-                                                                                      DEVIL’S EYE(1960)-VIRGIN SPRING(1960)- THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY(1961)-SILENCE(1963)-WINTER LIGHT(1963)-
                                                                          ALL THESE WOMEN (1964)-PERSONA(1966)-HOUR OF THE WOLF(1968)-SHAME(1968)-RITE(1969)-PASSION OF ANNA(1969)-
                                                                          THE CRIES AND WHISPERS(1972)-SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE(1973)-MAGIC FLUTE,THE(1975)- FACE TO FACE(1976)-
                                                                          AUTUMN SONATA(1978)-MARIONETTES(1980)-FANNY AND ALEXANDER(1982)-AFTER THE REHEARSAL(1984)
Mattsson, Arne(1919-1995)          ONE SUMMER OF HAPPINESS(1951)
Sjöman, Vilgot(1924-2006)             I AM CURIOUS—YELLOW(1967)
Zetterling, Mai(1925-1994)            NIGHT GAMES(1966)
Widerberg, Bo(1930-1997)            RAVEN’S END (1963)-ELVIRA MADIGAN (1967)-ADALEN 31(1969)- MAN ON THE ROOF(1976)
Troell, Jan(1931-     )                             EMIGRANTS, THE(1971)- NEW LAND, THE(1972)
Forsberg, Lasse(1933-2012)         ASSAULT, THE(1969)