Humanities Institute teaches tuition-free distance education Lifelong Learning seminars.                                           

HUM 700    CIVILIZATIONS    (9.0 credit hours)

Seminar Description

The Humanities Institute offers several seminars in Humanities 700 level during four-month semesters. The purpose of these full-time seminars is to introduce the student to world creativity in the Humanities.

The student will be guided, throughout this course, in choosing his or her own period, genre, and theme for future concentration; this choice will be direction-forming for the students. The Humanities Institute, in offering these classes, will assure a close working relationship between the student and his or her faculty advisor, who will guide the student’s reading and research, and who will work closely with the student in scheduled consultations. At the same time, the Humanities Institute will allow the student adequate leeway for self-pacing, presuming in the student the independent personal study habits that are the foundation for graduate work in the Humanities.

The certificates include the topics of Ancient, Post-Classical, Early Modern, Modern, and Postmodern periods and the areas of East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Southwest Asia, Africa, West Europe, East Europe, North America, Latin America.

Humanities Institute seminars trace the comparative history of civilizations. Each course traces the historical developments, political structures, economics, social structure, language, customs, folklore, marriage, arts, literature, architecture, science and technology, philosophical ideas, religion, beliefs, and aesthetics of the major civilizations of a specific period or region.

Each seminar contains a total of 9 credit hours. It is a combination of three 3-credit-hour courses in the subjects of history, literature, culture. Academic credit-bearing distance education courses require 45 hours of student work for one semester credit hour and therefore each HI certificate of 9 credit hours will require around 405 hours of student work.

The seminars draw on the resources of the Humanities Institute study guides to provide students with a unique vantage point and multi-disciplinary analyses listed on our library page.

                                                                                                             HUMANITIES SEMINARS

SEMINARS                                                          History                                                  Culture                                             Art                                            Literature              

ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS                       Ancient History                                Ancient Culture                          Ancient Art                          Ancient Literature
POSTCLASSICAL CIVILIZATIONS      Postclassical History                     Postclassical Culture               Postclassical Art               Postclassical Literature        
EARLY MODERN CIVILIZATIONS       Early Modern History                   Early Modern Culture             Early Modern Art             Early Modern Literature         
19TH CENTURY  CIVILIZATIONS       19th Century History                    19th Century Culture             19th Century Art             19th Century Literature
20TH CENTURY  CIVILIZATIONS       20the Century History                  20th Century Culture            20th Century Art              20th Century Literature