Special Collections

These will consist of materials that have been created by the Humanities Institute, and belong to its collection. At this time there are more than ten thousand PDF's in our 27 encyclopedias, all authored by accomplished scholars in their fields. Access will be given free of charge to all registered students, faculty and staff of the Humanities Institute.

Study Guides 


History                                                      Culture                                                        Civilization
Literature                                                 Cinema                                                        Life Writing      

Chinese Civilization                           Japanese Civilization                              Indian Civilization           
Turkic Civilization                               Arabic Civilization                                    African Civilization
European Civilization                       Eastern European Civilization            Northern European Civilization         
Hispanic Civilization                          Balkans Civilization
Latin American Civilization            American Civilization

Ancient Civilization                             
Postclassical Civilization                        Early Modern Civilization     
19th Century Civilization                20th Century Civilization

                                                   Subscription Services

The Humanities Institute subscribes to high-quality electronic databases. Subscriptions o full-text services provide web access to journals and books. The library's electronic resources are available to all students:

Subscription Services to full-text and bibliographic resources.

Salem Press           

                                                  Open Access Sources

The Humanities Institute supports Open Access journals and repositories of historical, rare, and difficult to find documents, recordings, maps, and other invaluable information in the Humanities.  Here is a brief listing:

Directory of Open Access Journals: 
Google Scholars:
Internet Archive:
Project Gutenberg: