Humanities Institute, distant education graduate school started operating in California in 2018.

                                           Comparative Studies of Civilizations 

Humanities Institute specializes in the comparative studies of the world civilizations of different areas and time periods. HI  investigates the historical, cultural, literary decelopments in different civilizations and uses the thematic approach extensively. 

HI Graduate school teaches for the Doctor of Arts degree and graduate certificates 
All Instruction is tuition-free for all students.                                               


HUM 700    CIVILIZATIONS    (9.0 credit hours)

Certificate Description

Each certificate contains a total of 9 credit hours. It is a combination of three 3-credit-hour courses in the subjects of history, literature, culture.

The students may repeat the certificates for different periods or areas in succeeding semesters.

The certificates include the topics of Ancient, Post-Classical, Early Modern, Modern and Postmodern periods and the areas of East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Southwest Asia, Africa, West Europe, East Europe, North America, Latin America.

Humanities Institute certificates trace the comparative history of civilizations. Each certificate course traces the historical developments, political structures, economics, social structure, language, customs, folklore, marriage, arts, literature, architecture, science and technology, philosophical ideas, religion, beliefs, and aesthetics of the major civilizations of a specific period or region.

Academic credit-bearing distance education courses require 45 hours of student work for one semester credit hour and therefore each HI certificate of 9 credit hours will require around 405 hours of student work.

The certificates draw on the resources of the Humanities Institute study guides to provide students with a unique vantage point and multi-disciplinary analyses listed on our library page.

Students have the following alternative topics available to them.

Areas                                                                                           Periods

Chinese Civilization                                                           Ancient Civilization
Japanese Civilization                                                        Postclassical Civilization
Indian Civilization                                                               Early Modern Civilization
Russian Civilization                                                           19th Century Civilization
Turkic Civilization                                                               20th Century Civilization
Arabic Civilization   
African Civilization
European Civilization                                                                                                    
American Civilization
Latin American Civilization


                                                       Doctor of Arts in Humanities

 The Graduate programs are designed for individuals who would like to continue their studies in interdisciplinary Humanities after their Bachelor's degree. The students explore specific areas, topics, or themes of study in a way that is in-depth, personalized, and which allows one-on-one guidance from world-respected experts. The Doctor of Arts program allows the student to assemble a personalized plan of study as a customized degree plan under the guidance of a lead professor and to select courses that align with the student’s interests. Students entering the program with a Bachelor's degree are required to take 90 credits; students entering with a Master's degree in a related field are required to take 60 credits for the Doctoral degree.

                                                     Doctor of Arts in Humanities
                                                     Units                          Certificates      Credits    
                                                     Civilizations                      8                        72  
                                                     Dissertation                      2                        18
                                                     General Exam                                                0

                                                     Total                                     10                      90