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                                 HISTORICAL PERIODS                  G E N R E S                                                                                                                                                          T H E M E S

China                    (Silent-Sound-New)                           (Comedy-Drama)                                                                                                                                                       
Japan                    (Silent-Sound-New )                          (Historical-Comtemporary-Gangster)                                                                                                                 
India                      (Silent-Sound-New)                           (Mythological-Historical-Social-Masala)                                                                                                            



Latin Ame        (Silent-Sound-New )   
United States (Silent-Sound-New)                           (Comedy-Drama-Western-Gangster-Musical-Film Noir-Science Fiction)                  (Romance-Family-Gender-Race-War-Poverty)

                                                                                                                                                                            STUDY  GUIDES


                          E Asia                              China                             Japan             
                          S Asia                              India           
                          SW Asia                         Arabia                             Iran         
                          C Asia                             Turkic                              Turkish                                          


                          E Europe                        Russia         
                          W Europe                      England                           France                             Germany                       Italy                      Spanish

                          Latin America      
                          North America    


Northern Europe

Dreyer, Carltheodor(1889-1968)          VAMPYR (1932)-ORDET(1955)-DAY OF WRATH(1943)- GERTRUD(1964)
Carlsen, Esben Høilund(1941-2011)    STEPPING OUT(1981)

Molander, Gustaf(1888-1973)      INTERMEZZO(1936)
Sjöberg, Alf(1903-1980)                   TORMENT(1944)-MISS JULIE(1951)
Sucksdorff, Arne(1917-2001)        GREAT ADVENTURE, THE(1953)
Bergman, Ingmar(1918-2007)      CRISIS(1046)-MUSIC IN DARKNESS(1948)-PORT OF CALL(1948)-THIRST(1949)-PRISON(1949)-TO JOY(1950)-SUMMER  INTERLUDE(1951)-      
                                                                          SECRETS OF WOMEN(1952)-NAKED NIGHT(1953)-SUMMER WITH MONIKA(1953)- A LESSON IN LOVE(1954)-
                                                                          SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT(1955)-SEVENTH SEAL(1957)-WILD STRAWBERRIES(1957)-MAGICIAN(1958)-DEVIL’S EYE(1960)-
                                                                          VIRGIN SPRING(1960)- THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY(1961)-SILENCE(1963)-WINTER LIGHT(1963)-ALL THESE WOMEN (1964)-
                                                                          PERSONA(1966)-HOUR OF THE WOLF(1968)-SHAME(1968)-RITE(1969)-PASSION OF ANNA(1969)-THE CRIES AND WHISPERS(1972)-
                                                                          SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE(1973)-MAGIC FLUTE,THE(1975)- FACE TO FACE(1976)-AUTUMN SONATA(1978)-MARIONETTES(1980)-
                                                                          FANNY AND ALEXANDER(1982)-AFTER THE REHEARSAL(1984)
Mattsson, Arne(1919-1995)          ONE SUMMER OF HAPPINESS(1951)
Sjöman, Vilgot(1924-2006)             I AM CURIOUS—YELLOW(1967)
Zetterling, Mai(1925-1994)            NIGHT GAMES(1966)
Widerberg, Bo(1930-1997)            RAVEN’S END (1963)-ELVIRA MADIGAN (1967)-ADALEN 31(1969)- MAN ON THE ROOF(1976)
Troell, Jan(1931-     )                             EMIGRANTS, THE(1971)- NEW LAND, THE(1972)
Forsberg, Lasse(1933-2012)         ASSAULT, THE(1969)

Eastern Europe

Pudovkin, Vsevolod(1893-1953)  SIMPLE CASE, A(1932)
Dovzhenko, Alexander(1894-1956) IVAN(1932)-AEROGRAD(1935)-SHCHORS(1939)
Milestone, Lewis(1895-1980)        ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT(1930)-FRONT PAGE, THE(1931)-RAIN(1932)-OF MICE AND MEN(1939)- WALK IN THE SUN, A(1945)-
                                                                          STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS, THE(1946)-RED PONY, THE(1949)
Trivas, Victor(1896-1970)               NIEMANDSLAND(1931)
Ratoff, Gregory(1897-1960)          INTERMEZZO(1939)-ADAM HAD FOUR SONS(1941)
Eisenstein, Sergei(1898-1948)     BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (1925) - ALEXANDER NEVSKY(1938)- IVAN THE TERRIBLE(1944)
Ermler, Friedrich(1898-1967)       PEASANTS(1935)
Vassiliev, Georgy(1899-1946)       CHAPAYEV(1934)
Kuleshov, Lev(1899-1970)              GREAT COMFORTER(1933)
Vasiliev, Dmitri I.(1900-1984)        LENIN IN OCTOBER (1937)-ALEXANDER NEVSKY(1938)
Pyriev, Ivan(1901-1968)                    IDIOT, THE(1958)- BROTHERS KARAMAZOV, THE(1969)
Romm, Mikhail(1901-1971)            LENIN IN OCTOBER(1937)- NINE DAYS OF ONE YEAR(1962)
Donskoy, Mark(1901-1981)            GORKY TRILOGY, THE(1940)- RAINBOW, THE(1944)
Legoshin, Vladimir(1904-1954)    LONE WHITE SAIL(1937)
Kozintsev, Grigori(1905-1973)     KING LEAR(1971)
Zarkhi, Alexander(1908-1997)     ANNA KARENINA(1967)
Bondarchuk, Sergei(1920-1994) WAR AND PEACE(1966)
Chukhrai, Grigori(1921-2001)      BALLAD OF A SOLDIER(1959)- CLEAR SKY(1961)
Kulidzhanov, Lev(1924-2002)       CRIME AND PUNISHMENT(1970)
Batalov, Aleksey(1928-2017)       GAMBLER, THE(1972)
Tarkovsky, Andrei(1932-1986)    IVAN’S CHILDHOOD (1962)-ANDREI RUBLEV(1966)- SOLARIS(1972)-MIRROR, THE(1975)- STALKER(1979) NOSTALGIA(1983)
Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, Andrei(1937-    )     SIBERIADE(1979)    
Shepitko, Larissa(1938-1979)      ASCENT, THE(1977)
Menshov, Vladimir(1939- )             MOSCOW DOES NOT BELIEVE IN TEARS(1980)
Mikhalkov, Nikita(1945-    )             SLAVE OF LOVE, A(1976)- UNFİNİSHED PIECE FOR PLAYER PIANO, AN(1977)-OBLOMOV(1980)

Nowına-Przybylski, Jan(1902-1938) YIDDLE WITH HIS FIDDLE(1936)
Litvak, Anatole(1902-1974)        MAYERLING(1936)- ALL THIS AND HAVEN TOO(1940)- BLUES IN THE NIGHT(1941)- SNAKE PIT, THE (1948)-
                                                                       SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948)-ANASTASIA(1956)

Boleslawski, Richard(1889-1937)   RASPUTIN AND THE EMPRESS(1932)- MISERABLES, LES(1935)- THEODORA GOES WILD(1936)
Vertov, Dziga(1896-1954)              ENTHUSIASM(1931)
Mate, Rudolph(1898-1964)           D.O.A.(1949)
Green, Joseph (1900-1996)           YIDDLE WITH HIS FIDDLE(1936)
Wasynski, Michael(1904-1965)   DYBBUK, THE(1937)
Jakubowska, Wanda(1907-1998)  LAST STAGE, THE(1948)
Ford,Aleksander(1908-1980)           BORDER STREET(1948)- FIVE BOYS FROM BARSKA STREET(1954)
Kawalerowicz, Jerzy(1922-2007)  NIGHT TRAIN(1959)- MOTHER JOAN OF THE ANGELS(1961)
Lesiewıcz, Witold(1922-2017)         PASSENGER, THE(1963)
Borowczyk, Walerian(1923-2006) GOTO, L’ÎLE D’AMOUR (1968)- STORY OF SIN, THE(1975)
Wajda, Andrzej(1926-2016)           GENERATION (1955)- KANAL (1957)-ASHES AND DIAMONDS(1958)-INNOCENT SORCERERS(1960)- EVERYTHING FOR SALE (1969)-  
                                                                          LANDSCAPE AFTER BATTLE (1970)-BIRCH WOOD, THE(1970)- MAN OF MARBLE(1977)- WITHOUT ANESTHESIA(1978)- MAN OF RON(1981)
Polanski, Roman(1933-    )                KNIFE IN THE WATER(1962)-REPULSION(1965)-CUL-DE-SAC(1966)-ROSEMARY'S BABY(1968)-CHINATOWN(1974)
Zanussi, Krzysztof(1939-    )            STRUCTURE OF CRYSTALS(1969)-ILLUMINATION(1973)- CAMOUFLAGE(1976)- WAYS IN THE NIGHT(1979)- CONSTANT FACTOR,(1980)
Skolimowski, Jerzy(1938-    )           IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE(1964)-BARRIER(1966)

Machatý, Gustav(1901-1963)            ECSTASY(1933)
Steklý, Karel(1903-1987)                     STRIKE, THE(1947)
Klos, Elmar(1910-1993)                        SHOP ON MAIN STREET, THE(1965)
Radok, Alfred(1914-1976)                   DISTANT JOURNEY(1949)
Jasný, Vojtěch(1925-    )                          ALL MY GOOD COUNTRYMEN(1969)
Brynych, Zbynek(1927-1995)            THE FIFTH HORSEMAN IS FEAR(1965)
Chytilovâ, Vera(1929-2014)                DAISIES(1966)
Forman, Miloš(1932-2018)                  LOVES OF A BLONDE(1965)- FIREMEN’S BALL, THE(1967)
Passer, Ivan(1933-    )                               INTIMATE LIGHTING(1965)
Menzel, Jıří(1938-    )                                CLOSELY WATCHED TRAİNS(1966)-CAPRICIOUS SUMMER(1968)-SHORTCUT(1981)

Korda, Alexander(1893-1956)           MARIUS(1931)- PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII, THE(1933)- PRIVATE LIFE OF DON JUAN, THE(1934)- REMRANDT(1936)- 
                                                                              THAT HAMILTON WOMAN(1941)- VACATION FROM MARRIAGE(1945)
Pascal, Gabriel(1894-1954)                MAJOR BARBARA(1941)-CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA(1945)
Korda, Zoltan(1895-1961)                  FOUR FEATHERS(1939)- MACOMBER AFFAIR, THE(1947)- CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY(1951)
Fejós, Pál(1897-1963)                            SPRING SHOWER(1932)- SONNENSTRAHL(1933)
Vidor, Charles(1900-1959)                 LADIES IN RETIREMENT(1941)- GILDA(1942)- LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME(1955)
Benedek,Laslo(1905-1992)                DEATH OF A SALESMAN(1951)- WILD ONE, THE (1953)
Radvány, Géza(1907-1986)                SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE(1948)
Toth, Andre De(1913-2002)               HOUSE OF WAX(1953)
Fábri, Zoltán(1917-1994)                    MERRY-GO-ROUND(1956)
Jancsó, Miklós(1921-2014)                RED AND THE WHITE, THE(1961)- ROUND-UP, THE(1966)- RED PSALM(1972)- VICES AND PLEASURES(1976)
Kovács, András(1925-2017)              COLD DAYS(1966)
Huszárık, Zoltán(1931-1981)           SINDBAD(1971)
Mészáros, Márta(1931-    )                 ADOPTION(1975)- NINE MONTHS(1976)
Gábor, Pál(1932-1987)                        ANGI VERA(1979)
Gaál, István(1933-2007)                    CURRENT(1964)- FALCONS, THE(1970)
Kósa, Ferenc(1937-2018)                 TEN THOUSAND SUNS(1967)
Medak, Peter(1937-    )                        RULING CLASS, THE(1972)
Szabó, István(1938-    )                         25 FIREMAN’S STREET (1973)-BUDAPEST TALES(1976)- CONFIDENCE(1980)- MEPHISTO(1981)
Gothár Péter(1947-    )                         TIME STANDS STILL(1982) 

Kadár, Ján(1918-1979)                       SHOP ON MAIN STREET, THE(1965)
Jireš, Jaromil(1935-2001)                 VALERIE AND THE WEEK OF WONDERS(1970)

Stiglic, France(1919-1993)               NINTH CIRCLE, THE(1960)

Western Europe

Reinhardt, Max(1873-1943)           MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, A(1935)
Pabst, G. W.(1885-1967)                  WHITE HELL OF PITZ PALU, THE(1929)- WESTFRONT(1930)- KAMERADSCHAFT(1931)- THREEPENNY OPERA, THE(1931)-
                                                                          ATLANIDE, L’(1932)-DON QUICHOTTE(1933)- MODERN HERO,A(1934)
Sagan, Leontine(1889-1974)          MÄDEHEN IN UNIFORM(1931)
Lang, Fritz(1890-1976)                      DR. MABUSE THE GAMBLER (1922)-METROPOLIS (1927)- M (1931)-TESTAMENT DES DR. MABUSE, DAS (1933)- FURY(1936)-
                                                                          YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE(1937)-WESTERN UNION(1941)-HANGMEN ALSO DIE (1943)-MINISTRY OF FEAR(1944)-
                                                                          WOMAN IN THE WINDOW (1944)-SCARLET STREET(1945)-M(1951)-SECRET BEYOND THE DOOR (1947)-RANCHO NOTORIOUS(1952)-
                                                                          BLUE GARDENIA (1953)-BIG HEAT(1953)-BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT(1956)-THE THOUSAND EYES OF DR. MABUSE (1960)
Sternberg, Josef Von(1894-1969) BLUE ANGEL, THE(1930)- MOROCCO(1930)- BLONDE VENUS(1932)-SHANGHAI EXPRESS(1932)- SCARLET EMPRESS (1934)
Lindtberg, Leopold(1902-1984)  LAST CHANCE, THE(1945)
Wilder, Billy(1906-2002)                MAJOR AND THE MINOR, THE(1942)-FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO(1943)-DOUBLE INDEMNITY(1944)- LOST WEEKEND, THE(1945)-
                                                                        FOREIGN AFFAIR, A(1948)-SUNSET BOULEVARD(1950)-STALAG 17(1953)-SABRINA(1954)- SEVEN YEAR ITCH, THE(1955)-
                                                                        LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON(1957)- WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION(1957)- SOME LIKE IT HOT(1959)-APARTMENT, THE(1960)-
                                                                        IRMA LA DOUCE(1963)- FORTUNE COOKIE, THE(1966)-THE PRIVATE LIFE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE(1970)
Zinnemann, Fred(1907-1997)     SEARCH, THE(1948)-MEN, THE(1950)-HIGH NOON(1952)- MEMBER OF THE WEDDING, THE(1952)- FROM HERE TO ETERNITY(1953)-
                                                                        OKLAHOMA!(1955)-HATFUL OF RAIN, A(1957)- NUN'S STORY, THE(1959)- SUNDOWNERS, THE(1960)- MAN FOR ALL SEASONS,A(1966)-
Schubert, Peter(1911- )                   DEUTSCHLAND IM HERBST(1978)
Wicki, Bernhard(1919-2000)       LONGEST DAY, THE(1962)
Brustellin, Alf(1940-1981)             DEUTSCHLAND IM HERBST(1978)
Handke, Peter(1942- )                       LEFT-HANDED WOMAN, THE(1977)

Szlingerbaum, Samy(1949-1986) BRUSSELS-TRANSIT(1980)

Lloyd, Frank(1886-1960)                CAVALCADE(1933)- MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY(1935)- IF I WERE KING (1938)- FOREVER AND A DAY(1943)
Brook, Clive(1887-1974)                ON APPROVAL(1944)
Rogers, Charles(1887-1956)        BABES IN TOYLAND(1934)
Dean, Basil(1888-1978)                  SING AS WE GO(1934)
Chaplin, Charles(1889-1977)      CITY LIGHTS(1931)- MODERN TIMES(1936)- GREAT DICTATOR, THE(1940)- MONSIEUR VERDOUX (1947)- LIMELIGHT(1952)
Whale, James(1889-1957)            JOURNEY'S END(1930)-FRANKENSTEIN(1931)- INVISIBLE MAN, THE(1933)- ONE MORE RIVER(1934)-
                                                                         BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE(1935)- SHOW BOAT(1936)- MAN IN THE IRON MASK, THE(1939)
Wilcox, Herbert(1890-1977)        FOREVER AND A DAY(1943)
Bucquet, Harold S.(1891-1946)  DR. KILDARE'S STRANGE CASE(1940)
Goulding, Edmund(1891-1959)  TRESPASSER, THE(1929)- GRAND HOTEL(1932)- DAWN PATROL(1938)-DARK VICTORY (1939)- OLD MAID, THE(1939)-
                                                                         GREAT LIE, THE(1941)-CONSTANT NYMPH, THE(1943)- FOREVER AND A DAY(1943)- RAZOR’S EDGE, THE(1946)-
                                                                         NIGHTMARE ALLEY(1947)
Hardwicke, Sir Cedric(1893-1964) FOREVER AND A DAY(1943)
Howard, Leslie(1893-1943)         PYMALION (1938)- SPITFIRE(1942)
Hurst, Brian Desmond(1895-1986) CHRISTMAS CAROL, A(1951)
Saville, Victor(1895-1979)           EVERGREEN(1934)- FOREVER AND A DAY(1943)
Rapper, Irving(1898-1999)          ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN(1941)-NOW, VOYAGER(1942)-CORN IS GREEN, THE(1945)- BRAVE ONE, THE(1956)
Coward, Noel(1899-1973)           IN WHICH WE SERVE (1942)
Laughton, Charles(1899-1962) NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, THE(1955)
Bennett, Compton(1900-1974) SEVENTH VEIL, THE (1945)-KING SOLOMON'S MINES (1950)
Arliss, Leslie(1901-1987)              MAN IN GREY, THE(1943)
Asquith, Anthony(1902-1968)  PYMALION (1938)-BROWNING VERSION, THE(1951)-IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST,THE(1952)
Pressburger, Emeric(1902-1988) COLONEL BLIMP(1943)-STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN(1946)-BLACK NARCISUS (1947)- RED SHOES, THE(1948)
Fisher, Terence(1904-1980)       HORROR OF DRACULA(1958)- PHANTOM OF THE OPERA(1962)
Allen, Lewis(1905-2000)              UNINVITED, THE(1944)
Powell, Michael(1905-1990)     THIEF OF BAGDAD, THE(1940)-COLONEL BLIMP(1943)- STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN(1946)-BLACK NARCISSUS(1947)- RED SHOES, THE(1948)
Stevenson, Robert(1905-1986) BACK STREET(1941)- FOREVER AND A DAY(1943)- JANE EYRE(1943)- MARY POPPINS(1964)
Launder, Frank(1906-1997)        I SEE A DARK STRANGER(1946)-HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE, THE (1950)-BELLES OF ST. TRINIAN’S,THE(1954)
Reed, Sir Carol(1906-1976)        STARS LOOK DOWN, THE(1940)-ODD MANOUT(1947)-FALLEN IDOL, THE(1948)- THIRD MAN, THE(1949)-
                                                                      OUTCAST OF THE ISLANDS(1951)-OUR MAN IN HAVANA(1959)- OLIVER!(1968)
O’ferrall, George More(1907-1982) HOLLY AND THE IVY, THE(1952)
Oliver, Laurence(1907-1989)    HENRY V (1944)-HAMLET(1948)-RICHARD III(1955)
Pollock, George(1907-1979)     MURDER SHE SAID(1961)
Comfort, Lance(1908-1966)     OLD MOTHER RILEY DETECTIVE(1943)
Lean, David(1908-1991)              IN WHICH WE SERVE(1942)- THIS HAPPY BREED(1944)- BLITHE SPIRIT(1945)-BRIEF ENCOUNTER(1945)-GREAT EXPECTATIONS (1946)-
                                                                     OLIVER TWIST(1948)-HOBSON'S CHOICE(1954)- SUMMERTIME(1955)-BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, THE(1957)-
                                                                     LAWRENCE OF ARABIA(1962)-DR. ZHIVAGO(1965)- RYAN'S DAUGHTER(1970)
Frend, Charles(1909-1977)       CRUEL SEA, THE(1953)
Crichton, Charles(1910-1999) DEAD OF NIGHT (1945)- LAVENDER HILL MOB, THE (1951)
Polonsky, Abramam(1910-1999) FORCE OF EVIL(1948)- TELL THEM WILLIE BOY IS HERE(1969)
Dearden, Basil(1911-1971)        DEAD OF NIGHT(1945)-BLUE LAMP, THE(1950)-LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, THE(1960)
Hamer, Robert(1911-1963)       DEAD OF NIGHT(1945)-KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS(1949)
Neame, Ronald(1911-2010)      HORSES MOUTH, THE(1958)- TUNES OF GLORY(1960)-CHALK GARDEN, THE(1964)- GAMBIT(1966)-
                                                                     PRIME OF MIS JEAN BRODIE, THE(1969)-POSEIDON ADVENTURE, THE(1972)
Pelissier, Anthony(1912-1988) ROCKING HORSE WINNER, THE(1949)-TONIGHT AT EIGHT-THIRTY(1952)
Boulting, John(1913-1985)         SEVEN DAYS TO NOON(1950)- MAGIC BOX, THE(1951)- I'M ALL RIGHT JACK(1959)
Boulting, Roy(1913-2001)           FAMILY WAY, THE(1966)
Glenville, Peter(1913-1996        SUMMER AND SMOKE(1961)-BECKET(1964)
Green, Guy(1913-2005)               ANGRY SILENCE, THE(1960)-MARK, THE(1961)
Cardiff, Jack(1914-2009)             SONS AND LOVERS(1960)- YOUNG CASSIDY(1965)
Thompson, J. Lee(1914-2002) TIGER BAY(1959)-GUNS OF NAVARONE, THE(1961)
Thomas, Ralph(1915-2001)       DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE(1954)- NO LOVE FOR JOHNNIE(1961)
Young, Terence(1915-1994)      DR. NO(1962)- FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE(1963)- WAIT UNTIL DARK(1967)
Baker, Roy(1916-2010)                A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (1958)
Burge, Stuart(1918-2002)         OTHELLO(1965)
Hill, James(1919-1994)               BORN FREE(1966)
Anderson, Michael(1920-2018) AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS(1956)- SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL(1959)
Mclaglen, Andrew V.(1920-2014) FFOLKES(1980)
Schaffner, Franklin J.(1920-1989) BEST MAN, THE(1964)- PLANET OF THE APES(1968)-PATTON(1970)-ISLANDS IN THE STREAM(1977)
Thomas, Gerald(1920-1993)  CARRY ON NURSE(1959)
Clayton, Jack(1921-1995)       ROOM AT THE TOP (1959)-INNOCENTS, THE (1961)- PUMPKIN EATER, THE(1964)- GREAT GATSBY,THE(1974)
Ustinov, Peter(1921-2004)     BILLY BUDD(1962)
Hamilton, Guy(1922-2016)     INSPECTOR CALLS, AN (1954)-GOLDFINGER(1964)
Anderson, Lindsay(1923-1994) THIS SPORTING LIFE (1963)-IF....(1968)- O LUCKY MAN!(1973)
Attenborough, Richard(1923-2014) OH! WHAT A LOVELY WAR(1969)
Brook, Petek(1925- )                   MARAT/SADE(1967)
Guillermin, John(1925-2015) TOWERING INFERNO, THE(1974)
Forbes, Bryan(1926-2013)       WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND(1961)- L-SHAPED ROOM, THE (1962)- SÉANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964)-KING RAT (1965)-
                                                                   WRONG BOX, THE (1966) WHISPERERS, THE (1967)
Reisz, Karel(1926-2002)            SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY MORNING(1960)-MORGAN!(1966)-ISADORA(1968)
Schlesinger, John(1926-2003) KIND OF LOVING, A(1962)-BILLY LIAR(1963)- DARLING(1965)- FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD(1967)- MIDNIGHT COWBOY(1969)-
                                                                    SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY(1971)-DAY OF THE LOTUST, THE(1975)
Bridges, Alan(1927-2013)         THE HIRELING(1973)
Russell, Ken(1927-2011)            WOMEN IN LOVE (1969)-BOY FRIEND, THE(1971)
Richardson, Tony(1928-1991) LOOK BACK IN ANGER(1959)-ENTERTAINER, THE(1960)- TASTE OF HONEY, A(1961)-
                                                                     LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER, THE(1962)- TOM JONES(1963)- LOVED ONE, THE(1965)
Roeg, Nicolas(1928-2018)          PERFORMANCE(1970)-WALKABOUT(1971)-DON'T LOOK NOW(1973)
Hickox, Douglas(1929-1988)     ENTERTAINING MR SLOANE(1970)- THEATRE OF BLOOD(1973)
Till, Eric(1929- )                                  HOT MILLIONS(1968)
Yates, Peter(1929-2011)              BULLITT(1969)- BREAKING ADAY(1979)
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Middle East

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Latin America

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North America

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