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HISTORY                           (Ancient-Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th)       POL(Government-Military)      SOC(Class-Gender)       ECO(Innovation-Trade)     CUL(Rel-Phi-Sci-Art-Lit)
CULTURE                          (Ancient-Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th )      VERBAL(Lit-Lng-Script-Myth-Folklore)    VISUAL(Pnt-Sclp-Arch)      PERFORMING(Dnc-Mus-Thea-Cin)            
LITERATURE                   (Ancient-Postclassical-E Modern-19th-20th)       GENRES (Poetry - Drama - Fiction - Autobiography -Essay )


Confucius(B.C.551-479)          BOOK OF SONGS, THE(TWELFTH CENTURY B.C.E)
Shi Naian(1296-1370)              ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS(THIRTEENTH CENTURY)
Gao Ming(1305-1370)              LUTE, THE(1367)
Wu Chengen(1500-1582)      JOURNEY TO THE WEST, THE(1592)
Pu Songling(1640-1715)         STRANGE STORIES FROM A CHINESE STUDIO(1766)
Cao, Xueqin(1715-1763)        DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER(1792)
Liu E(1857-1909)                        TRAVELS OF LAO TS’AN, THE(1904-1907)
Lao, She(1899-1966)                CAMEL XIANGZI(1936-1937)
Gao Xingjian(1940-    )              SOUL MOUNTAIN(1990)
Jin, Ha(1956-     )                          WAITING(1999)- WAR TRASH(2004)



Fei Mu (1906-1951)                              SPRING IN A SMALL TOWN (1948)
Cai Chusheng(1906-1968)                SPRING RIVER FLOWS EAST(1947)
Jin Shan(1911-1982)                             STORM(1959)
Zheng Junli(1911-1969)                      SPRING RIVER FLOWS EAST (1947)-CROWS AND SPARROWS(1949)
Cui Wei(1912-1979)                              SONG OF YOUTH(1959)
Sang Hu(1916-1995)                             WHITE-HAIRED GIRL, THE(1950)
Ling Zhifeng(1917-1999)                      DAUGHTERS OF CHINA(1949)
Chen Huaiai(1920-1994)                       SONG OF YOUTH (1959)
Xie Jin(1923-2008)                                STAGE SISTERS(1967)- HIBISCUS TOWN(1986)
Kıng Hu(1932-1997)                             TOUCH OF ZEN, A(1971)
Wang, Peter(1938-    )                           GREAT WALL, A(1986)- LASER MAN, THE(1988)
Tianming, Wu(1939-2014)                THE KING OF MASKS(1996)
Fei, Xie(1942-    )                                       A MONGOLIAN TALE(1995)
Hsu, Li-Kong(1943-    )                          FLEEING BY NIGHT(2000)
Woo, John(1946-    )                              HARD TARGET(1993)- BROKEN ARROW(1996)- FACE/OFF(1997)- MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2(2000)- WINDTALKERS(2002)- PAYCHECK(2003)
Chiang, John(1947-   )                           WRONG COUPLES, THE(1987)
Hou Hsiao-Hsien(1947-    )                DAUGHTER OF THE NILE(1987)- THE PUPPETMASTER (HSIMENG JENSHENG)(1993)- MILLENNIUM MAMBO(2001)
Edward Yang (1947-2007)                YI YI (2000) - A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY (1991)
Hou Hsiao-hsien (1947-)                    A CITY OF SADNESS (1989)
Tan, Fred(1949-1990)                          ROUGE OF THE NORTH(1988)
Hark, Tsui(1950-    )                               TWIN DRAGONS(1992)- DOUBLE TEAM(1997)- KNOCK OFF(1998) -TIME AND TIDE(2000)
Zhang Yimou(1950- )                            RED SORGHUM(1987)- JU DOU(1990)- RAISE THE RED LANTERN(1991)- STORY OF QIU JU, THE(1992)- TO LIVE(1994)-
                                                                            THE ROAD HOME(1999)-HAPPY TIMES(2000)- HERO(2002)
Shin, Stephen(1951-    )                         BLACK CAT(1991)
Chen Kaige(1952-    )                             KING OF THE CHIIDREN(1987)- LIFE ON A STRING(1991)- FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE(1993)
Choy, Christine(1952-    )                    WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN?(1987)
Hung, Samo(1952-    )                            MR. NICE GUY(1997)
Kaige, Chen(1952-    )                           TEMPTRESS MOON(1996)- HAPPY TOGETHER(1997)- TOGETHER(2002)
Wu Ziniu(1952-    )                                  LAST DAY OF WINTER, THE(1986)
Zhuangzhuang, Tian(1952-    )        THE BLUE KITE(1993)
Chen Kaige (1952-)                               FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE ( 1993)
Chen Sıu-Tung(1953-    )                      CHINESE GHOST STORY II, A(1990)- CHINESE GHOST STORY III, A(1991)
Siu-Tung, Ching(1953-    )                    THE EAST IS RED (SWORDSMAN III)(1993)
Sijie, Dai(1954-    )                                   CHINA, MY SORROW(1989)
Xiaowen, Zhou(1954-    )                    THE EMPEROR’S SHADOW(1996)
Ang Lee (1954-)                                       EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN (1994) - CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (2000)
Yang Feng-Liang(1955- )                   JU DOU(1990)
Wong Kar-wai (1958-)                        IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) - CHUNGKING EXPRESS (1994) - HAPPY TOGETHER (1997)
Kar-Wai, Wong(1958-    )                   CHUNGKING EXPRESS;CHONGQING SENLIN(1994)- FALLEN ANGELS(1995)- IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE(2001)
Chen, Joan(1961-    )                             XIU XIU, THE SENT DOWN GIRL(1998)- AUTUMN IN NEW YORK(2000)
Jiang Wen (1963-)                                 IN THE HEAT OF THE SUN (1994)
Wang, Xiaoshuai(1966-    )                BEIJING BICYCLE(2001)
Yang, Zhang(1967-    )                          THE SHOWER(1999)-QUITTING(2001)
Jia, Zhang-Ke(1970-    )                        PLATFORM(2002)
Lo, Chi Muoi(1976-    )                          CATFISH IN BLACK BEAN SAUCE(2000)
Chan, Tony                                                  COMBINATION PLATTER(1993)
Luo Tai  and  Wang Jiayi                      BUS NUMBER THREE(1980)
Tyler, Kim-Chi                                           CHAC(1999)                                                                 

Taek, Im Kwon(1936-    )                      CHUNHYANG(2000)- CHIHWASEON: PAıNTED FIRE(2002)
Fong, Allen(1947-    )                              FATHER AND SON(1981)
Hui, Ann(1947-    )                                   STORY OF WU VIET, THE(1981)- ROMANCE OF BOOK AND SWORD, THE(1987)
Lee, Raymond(1949-    )                       THE EAST IS RED (SWORDSMAN III)(1993)
Wong, Che-Kirk(1949-    )                  THE BIG HIT(1998)
Yu, Ronny(1950-    )                                BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR(1993)- WARRIORS OF VIRTUE(1997)- BRIDE OF CHUCKY(1998)-FORMULA 51(2001)- FREDDY VS. JASON(2003)
Yuen, Corey(1951-    )                           NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER(1986)- NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER II(1987)
Chan, Jackie(1954-    )                          OPERATION CONDOR(1991)
Lam, Ringo(1955-2018)                     TWIN DRAGONS(1992) -MAXIMUM RISK(1996)
Kwan, Stanley(1957-    )                       LAN YU(2001)
Law, Clara(1957-    )                               THE GODDESS OF 1967(2000)
Wong, James(1959-    )                         FINAL DESTINATION(2000)- THE ONE(2001)
Chan, Gordon(1960-    )                       THE MEDALLION(2003)
Lee, Daniel(1960-     )                             THE BLACK MASK(1996)
Tong, Stanley(1960-    )                         SUPERCOP(1992)- RUMBLE IN THE BRONX(1995)- JACKIE CHAN’S FIRST STRIKE(1996)- MR. MAGOO(1997)
Chan, Peter Ho-Sun(1962-    )          THE LOVE LETTER(1999)
Yung Chi-Chung                                       FATHER AND SON(1981)
Zen, Rachel                                                 CREAM SODA AND MILK(1981) 

Hata, Masami(1942-    )                       LITTLE NEMO: ADVENTURES IN SLUMBERLAND(1989)
Yin, Chi(1950-    )                                     FLEEING BY NIGHT(2000)
Lee, Ang(1954-    )                                   WEDDING BANQUET, THE(1993)- EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN(1994)- THE ICE STORM(1997)- RIDE WITH THE DEVIL(1999)-
                                                                           CROUCHING TıGER, HIDDEN DRAGON(2000)- HULK(2003)
Tsai, Ming-Liang(1957-    )                 THE RIVER(1997)- WHAT TIME IS IT THERE?(2001)